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Here Is Why Covert Affiliate Profits Training is a Perfect Fit for Your Business & Your Customers!

46 Training Videos!

Step 1

Learn Easily with Our 46 Step by Step MP4 Training Videos! Great for Easy Learning!

133 Pages of PDF's!

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Get Transcripts of Every Training Video. Print Them and Take Them With You to Learn on the Go!

Completely Original!

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Every Video & PDF Created By Us! Completely Original.  They are Not Available Anywhere Else!

Valuable PLR Rights!

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Transferable PLR Rights Make this Package 10X More Valuable to Your Customers! !

Why Most  People Learn Better & Faster
with Video !

And How YOU Can Use this Information to Create Powerful Sales Experiences!

94% Of All Educators Utilize Video in Their Classes!

95% of a Video Message is retained vs Only 10% with Text!

The Brain Processes Visuals 60,000 Times Faster than just text!

Take a Look at Just One of the 46 Videos
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All Videos Can Be Re-Branded to Suit Your Business & Your Brand!

Introducing the Covert Affiliate Profits
 Training System!

The Covert Affiliate Profits Training System allows anyone to train in the manner that they feel more comfortable with. This makes learning easier, faster and much more enjoyable!

WE have added additional content to the original Covert Affiliate Profits system and placed all of this content in 46 short and easy to watch videos.

To make our enhanced system even more versatile, and for those people who like to read along while watching videos, we have also included matching transcripts of every video. So, no matter how you like to learn, we've got you covered!

YOU Will Love Covert Affiliate Profits Enhanced Training Because:

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Imagine what Covert Affiliate Profits Training could do for your business & your wallet!

Let's Recap:  What is Included?

Looks Great But:  What's In It For You???

When You Purchase Covert Affiliate Profits Training You Can:

Get a Great Product to Sell As Your Own Upsell!

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Increase Profit Potential of Every Sale with this Broad Appeal Upsell!

Includes Front End Product & Upsell!!

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Increase Sales & Profits with the Included High Converting Upsell!

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Build a Profitable
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What Can I Do With This Amazing High Converting PLR Training Package?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use this As a Front End Product?

Step 1

YES! You own the rights to do anything you want with this except give it away for free (you CAN break it up and use it as lead magnets though!) or add it to a membership site.

What Can I Do With the PLR Rights?

Step 2

You can sell this product as your own. You may change it and rebrand it as your own. You can sell it as your own with transferable PLR rights!.

Can I Change this in Any Way?

Step 2

YES! In fact, we encourage you to rebrand this as your own product with your own name on it!

Can I Sell the Transferable Rights?

Step 2

YES! The package includes the valuable transferable rights!

Is this Material 100% Original?

Step 1

YES! We made every video and wrote every word! You will not find this content anywhere else!

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