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98 Page E-Book!

Step 1

Not your typical 20 page small E-Book! Huge 98 pages and 24.468 words of valuable content

Completely Original!

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Every Word Written By Us! Completely Original Content not Available Anywhere Else!

Works with Any Product!

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This Works with Any Product!  If You Sell
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Universal Appeal!

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This Method Can Be Done By Anyone so This Product Will Have an Almost Universal Appeal!

New Approach to Promoting Affiliate Marketing Products Creates Powerful Buying Experiences!

After 20+ years of writing and selling online training training books and publications, I was constantly frustrated by seeing the way most marketers were trying to promote their affiliate offers

They were constantly starting from scratch with each promotion and using an entirely wrong approach to affiliate marketing. The result were people closing few or no sales and getting so frustrated that they just stopped trying.

Knowing there was definitely a better way to approach affiliate marketing, I developed the Covert Affiliate Profits method to help even the complete newbie become successful.

Introducing the Covert Affiliate Profits System!

The Covert Affiliate Profits System allows anyone to powerful sales experiences that almost force your customers to respond to your affiliate offers!

Covert Affiliate Profits shows you how to break down and destroy most of the most common roadblocks to closing an online sale.

Using use an assortment of the best and highest performing sales techniques and combine them to provide a conversion busting affiliate sales system! We will show you how to create extremely strong buying impulses in the minds of your customers!

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Covert Affiliate Profits Quick Start Guide

Get started FAST with our Covert Affiliate Profits Quick Start Guide. This will help you get everything set up and running quickly so you can start establishing yourself on the Internet and earning commissions!

Our Covert Affiliate Profits Checklists help you make sure you haven't missed a thing as you set up your commission generating system.

This checklist will help you reduce time and help you get everything working FAST!

The Covert Affiliate Profits Mind Map will help you visualize the entire Covert system and see how everything works together to help you create even more powerful buying experiences!

Follow this Resource Guide to know where to get what you need to get started quickly and painlessly! This will make getting started even faster and easier!

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With this PLR Product You Can:

Sell it As Your Own Product!

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Re-Brand this Book with YOUR Name On It and Sell it As Your Own Product! Become an Instant Authority

Break Up the Content Any Way You Wish!

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Use it As Blog Posts, Articles, Start a Membership Site or Anything you Might Imagine!

Establish Yourself
 as an Expert

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Use the Information to
 Help Establish Yourself as an Expert and Improve
 Your Standing in your Niche!!

Build a Profitable
Huge Buyer List

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Use the Content to Create Lead Magnets,  Other Products or To Grow Your List Fast!

Even More Important:
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When You Purchase Covert Affiliate Profits You:

Get a Great Product to Sell As Your Own!

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Never Sell a Single Copy to Anyone Else, You Can Use the Covert Method in Your Own Business

Can Be Part a Great High Demand Niche

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This is a very large niche with a lot of highly motivated buyers eager for this type of product

Keep 100% of the
Sales Price!

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Sell this at Any Price You Like and Keep 100% of the Profits! Sell Unlimited Copies as Well!

Use the Information in Your Own Business!

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Use the Covert Affiliate Profits Method in Your Own Business to Create More Powerful Sales Experiences!

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Covert Affiliate Profits

Money Back Guarantee

Covert Affiliate Profits is covered by our no-hassle 30 day guarantee. If you don't think our product is everything we said it is, then just ask for a complete refund.

We take all the risk out of your purchase!

See what Other Affiliate Marketing Experts are Saying About Covert Affiliate Profits!


Dave Peters has put together an approach to Affiliate Marketing that will work well for both newbie and experienced marketers. I highly recommend it!

Steven Alvey

Warlord Entrepreneur

John Thornhill

Top JVZOO Marketer & Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Work With My Products?

Step 1

The Covert Affiliate Method will work with any product in any niche. Although this method is designed for online sales it will work with physical products as well!

What Can I Do With the PLR Rights?

Step 2

You can sell this product as your own. You may change it and rebrand it as your own!

Are There Any Recurring Charges?

Step 2

This is a one time charge. There will be no recurring charges.

Are There Any Special Skills Required?

Step 2

Not at all! Anyone who can read and write can implement this method. There are no special skills or knowledge required to use any part of this method.

Are There Any OTO's?

Step 1

There is one OTO for enhanced video and PDF training that is entirely optional.

Is There Any Guarantee?

Step 2

Absolutely! You are 100% covered under our no hassle 30 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied, just request a refund.

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